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404 page

  • What am I doing wrong that for a page that I deleted still has the single page hero element I have added. I have added an exclusion of 404 template – but it still appears on deleted pages. can you tell me what to do about it?

  • Hi there,

    Can you make sure all cache is cleared? Do you have server level cache needs to be cleared?

    And does disabling cache plugin work?

  • But cache should be cleared now – deleted this months back

  • Hi there,

    are you using any plugins or other functions to modify the deleted page behaviour?
    As that page is returning a 410 Gone Error and not a 404 Not found. And the body tag shows the ID of the page.
    Neither of those are default behaviour and may be the cause.
    Regarding Caches, deleted items may still be stuck in the cache.

  • “are you using any plugins or other functions to modify the deleted page behaviour?” – I am using redirection option in rankmath to 410 the page and then i guess deleted the page – so it is showing this.

    I want to add a top bar with element but want to disable this on mobile view as it doesnot look good on mobile – how to do that with css

  • Check with RankMath support regarding the original issue as they may have some insight as to why that Page ID still exists and is being caught in the template hierarchy

    For the other unrelated question can you raise new topic please.

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