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A couple of questions

  • Hello, I have a couple of issues that I would greatly appreciate some assistance on.

    1. How can I force the “Archive Cards” to only display 1 rows and 3 columns (so 3 cards in total) on the front page? It currently displays 4 rows, I’ve been trying to look both in customize and in the element separately any settings for this but seems like I’m missing something?

    2. How can I get rid of the 1 2 …. 12 Next -> part on the home page?

    3. Is there a way I can create a separate “Blog” page using the “Archive Cards”? So right now the “Blog” is technically on the front page, but I’d like to have a separate page Blog page as well with the Archive Cards, where it’s 3 rows and 3 columns.

    4. Currently, when searching for anything or when looking at categories/tags, it’s quite messy. Images are missing completely, there’s too much text and so on. Is there a way I can apply the “Archive Cards” to these 3 as well?

    Link to staging and images attached in private info.

  • Hi there,

    For question 1,2,3, you can use this PHP code to set the homepage posts number to 3 and remove the pagination.

    function custom_posts_per_page_for_blog( $query ) {
        if ( $query->is_main_query() && $query->is_home() ) {
            $query->set( 'posts_per_page', 3 );
            $query->set( 'no_found_rows', true ); // Disable pagination calculation
            // Set found_posts to 3 to eliminate pagination
            global $wp_query;
            $wp_query->found_posts = 3;
    add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'custom_posts_per_page_for_blog' );

    For question 4, go to appearance > elements, look for the block element – content template which is being used by the blog/home page, add All archives and Search results into the element’s location.

  • Hi Ying,

    Awesome thanks, 1 2 4 solved.

    About 3, in my previous live version of the website I could just set the Settings > Reading | Homepage > Homepage, but I am seeing that GeneratePress is lacking this option. How should I go proceed so that my current landing page is preserved and saved as the home page so that I could create a new Blog page and set Posts page > Blog?

    I also noticed that when searching for things, the first result is highlighted as just the heading at the top without any image, how can I disable this?

  • Another question, and I do apologize for the trouble, how do I manipulate the mobile elements? For example right now, the first block sticks out the the right too much

  • About 3, in my previous live version of the website I could just set the Settings > Reading | Homepage > Homepage, but I am seeing that GeneratePress is lacking this option

    This is a WP setting, and you should be able to find the option at settings > reading.

    You need to create a new blank page and assign it as the Posts page.

  • 1. To disable the featured post on the search result page, you need to use a filter like this and set $options['featured_column'] to false.

    2. To use the post template from a query loop block in a block element – content template, check this:

  • 1. Yes but it’s not giving me the option to set the main page to the homepage at all.
    2. Apologies but where does $options[‘featured_column’] false go exactly?
    3. How can I manipulate the mobile viewport of the current main page? All other pages are ok from what I am seeing.
    4. I have an icon in my header that I have seemingly forgotten how to edit (it’s been a while since I inserted it there), how can I find where to edit it?
    5. I am having an issue where since the footer is built as an element, Complianz isn’t recognizing it as a menu. Is there a way to turn that element into a menu or give it such a property?

  • Hi there,

    for EACH new question you have please raise a separate topic ie. 3,4 and 5.
    This will help all of us focus and provide concise answers.

    1. Is this in the Settings Reading ?

    2. you have to write a PHP Snippet, an example is provided at the end of this link.
    The snippet you would require is this:

    add_filter( 'option_generate_blog_settings', 'lh_custom_search_results_page_settings' );
    function lh_custom_search_results_page_settings( $options ) {
        if ( is_search() ) {
    	$options['featured_column'] = false;
        return $options;
  • Hi David,

    Understood my apologies.

    1) Yeah I mean the reading settings, there’s no homepage setting to select essentially.

    2) Added image to private with NoCode/Code, it doesn’t get rid of that big heading and simply pushes the Latest Article to occupy the first space of the archived cards.

  • No problems 🙂

    1. Can you share a screenshot of the entire Settings > Reading panel without anything selected ?
    2. Do you have a separate GP Element – Content Template for the First Post ?
    If so can you edit the ELement and Exclude the Search Results from its Display Rules.

  • Hi David,

    Here is the Reading Settings page:

    The “Latest Articles” heading itself is a separate Element since when I tried to add the heading to the Archive Cards element it would duplicate it for each card. It seems that display rules are not available for this one for some reason?

  • Lets resolve the home page first.
    What is it you want displayed on the Home Page?
    Currently you have the Latest Posts as defined in Settings > Reading, with some GP Elements before posts.

  • Hi David,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Home page would be the landing page (so the current home page) and blog posts would be a page showing all the blog posts starting from the latest (about 9 cards per page or so, 3×3) I added image to private of how it used to look like on OceanWP/Elementor version of the website.

  • First off create a new page and call it Blog.
    And again a page for the Home Page

    Then go to the Settings > Reading,
    1. set: Your homepage displays to A Static Page
    set the Homepage and the Posts Page to the new pages you created.
    2. set: Blog Post Shows at most: to 9 posts

    3. Go to Customizer > Layout Blog, and activate the blog Columns and set them to 3.

    At this point the Blog will display the Posts in the default format.
    Get that far and the we can discuss the next steps

  • Hi David,

    Here is what happens when applying the following:

    >Your homepage displays to A Static Page
    >set the Homepage and the Posts Page to the new pages you created.

    Landing page:

    So with these settings it just shows “Latest Articles” heading on the landing page and then Blog shows just the current landing page that you see if it’s set to Your Latest Posts

  • You are using the Scribe template, the landing page (homepage) is the blog page which shows the latest posts.

    It does not have a static page as the front page. If you want one, you need to build it from scratch.

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