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ACF Pro Custom Post Type with Dynamic Data / Query Loops

  • I would like to clone the same functionality and appearance of blog posts to my custom post type. I am using Advanced Custom Fields PRO to create a custom post type “Industries” and I am trying to use the Block – Loop Template and Block – Content Template. From another help topic I found that I should enable Rest API and also enabled archive, but I am still not able to use “Current Post” as a data source for any elements. It only allows me to select “Post Type” and select source post. I’ve been researching this and trying different things and I’m stuck on and probably missing something simple!

  • Hi Claytonj,

    For reference, can you share the link to the page where you want to apply the Loop or Content Template?

  • Thank you, I am trying to use a posts page and a taxonomy.

    So, these two pages:

    Which would have the same functionality/appearance as:

    The elements I have set:
    SEO Industries Single post
    SEO Industries hero
    SEO Industries archive

  • I see.

    Your Archive page for the CPT is this though:

    For the Archive page, how many posts per page will be shown? Would it be paginated if the posts exceed the Posts per page?

  • Yes, I am trying to use the permalink structure the same as I have it set as the normal posts where it is /%category%/%postname% which I am using a permalink manager plugin and it is working %industry-type%/%industry%

    I do not think I will need pagination at all. It isn’t something I considered the regular category pages I don’t think have pagination just the overall blog page has it

  • Actually, you already have a Loop Template here:

    You can just create another instance of this “Category archive” Loop Template for your CPT archive page, and then edit it from there.

    In the same way, you can also just create another instance of the “Single post” Content Template Element for the CPT posts.

    This should be the easiest approach.

  • I am confused. I thought that is what I am doing with the elements I listed. I did clone them and set locations. It just isn’t working at all on the taxonomy page (dental-seo), and it does look like the featured image and other dynamic variables are now working for the industries post page (dental-seo-tips), but the graphic the original has above the featured image where it is displaying the taxonomy from what I cloned isn’t displaying the styling/graphic

  • I see. It’s not showing on the Frontend.

    Can you remove the Exclusion rule in “SEO Industries archive” and set the Display rule to Industry Archive?

  • Did you change anything or did I have the posts page working and not realize it? I would like to know for going forward.

    I changed both elements “SEO Industries Hero” and “SEO Industries Archive” to Industry Archive. Maybe this is now just a permalink issue with the industries page working besides the graphic where the taxonomy is displayed.

  • No, I didn’t change anything. We don’t change anything on our customer’s sites unless we need to – in this case, we’ll explicitly ask for permission.

    It seems to be working now for the Archive page.

    As for the Industry single cpt posts, you’ll need to alter “SEO Industries Single post” so that it looks similar to the “Single post” Element.

  • Can you show me where it is working for the archive page? I can’t seem to display the elements, I do see this page but it isn’t displaying the elements that are set and it should just be /dental-seo but I think that is a permalink issue I need to fix

  • Sorry I did just correct the permalink issue with the CPT taxonomy it is here but it does not load the elements

  • It’s this one:

    Is that not the correct link?

    Note: If you want to alter the Permalink of the archive page of the CPT, you can do it in the URLs – Advanced Settings of the CPT. Example:

  • As for the Industry single cpt posts, you’ll need to alter “SEO Industries Single post” so that it looks similar to the “Single post” Element.

    Regarding altering, I cloned the original so I am not sure why it is different. I also looked over all of the settings and nothing is different, but where the taxonomy displays it isn’t styled the same. It actually looks like it is behind the featured image which I checked z-index and they are the same as the original

  • Yes it looks like it is working here I am just confused as I am expecting it to be working for each term in the taxonomy so it would be /dental-seo

    I think I can figure out what is happening and change how I want them. I believe it is because I am changing permastructure for industry-type. However I can’t figure out this other issue I wrote above with the clone not displaying the same.

    Thank you for the help! I apologize I had the dynamic data issue working and didn’t realize it

  • The single CPT issue is related to the Dynamic options.

    It’s not grabbing the custom taxonomy you have.

    Try setting it up this way:

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