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Adding Last Updated Date

  • Hi. I’m trying to follow these CSS instructions to display ‘last updated date’ instead of ‘published date’, however it doesn’t appear to be working for me:

    I’d also like both published date and last updated date to be shown in schema.

    Are you able to assist? Site and example webpage and temp password in the private info.

    Thank you!

  • Hi there,

    You’re single Posts are showing the Date through a GB Block. You can make it show the Updated date through the dynamic settings of the Block. The Page Hero you need to edit is called “Single Post Page Hero”. Example:

    Moreover, on your site, Yoast is the one adding the schema, and upon checking, it includes both the published and modified dates.

  • Thanks for your help Fernando!

  • You’re welcome!

  • Sorry Fernando, I’m finding it’s a very inconsistent experience as to which date is reflected e.g. on mobile, in particular, it seems wedded to the old date. I’ve checked this with different mobile devices and people.

    Also, how do I ensure it’s changed in the blogroll summary view also?

    Thank you!

  • Hi there,

    are you seeing a different result on desktop when compared to mobile?
    If so – is there a specific post we can check and compare for you ?

    It could be a CDN / Cache issue.

  • That’s right, it’s a different result on desktop vs. mobile (i.e. it’s unchanged on mobile). Example post in private info.

    Also, how do I ensure it’s changed in the blogroll summary view also?

    Thank you!

  • Also, how do I ensure it’s changed in the blogroll summary view also?

    On the blog, the date is set to the published date, you will need to modify the headline block’s dynamic data in the content template to make sure it uses updated date when there’s an updated date avalible.

    You should be able to find the element at appearance > elements > Archive Cards, click on the post date headline block, and toggle the Replace with updated date option:

    For the different dates on mobile/desktop, make sure you clear all caches including CDN caches.

  • Thank you Ying, that’s really helped.

    Any idea why no date is showing on the ‘featured’ post?

  • Can I see your site where I can see the featured post?

  • Sure, in the hidden info

  • There isn’t a headline block for the date in the featured post content template.

    You can add one headline block in the content template which is assigned to the first post, then enable the dynamic data option in the right sidebar for the headline, and set it to published date or updated date as you wish.

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