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Admin Widgets Page: Too Many Requests Causing 429/504 Responses

  • TwoLoonSoftware

    I have several clients using GeneratePress as their theme, and they are seeing a significant number of errors on the admin Widgets page. The errors are all in the format:

    The “[BLOCKNAME]” block was affected by errors and may not function properly. Check the developer tools for more details.

    After reviewing the browser console, I noticed that all of these are generated because of server errors coming from ajax calls.
    I worked with WPEngine to troubleshoot this. First, we were getting 429 errors, so we disabled rate limiting. We then got errors at all the same URLs, but they were 504 errors.
    WPEngine seems to have isolated the issue to the GeneratePress theme. Further from their support team:

    I did some more testing with my colleague on the dev site and we’re leaning towards it being an issue with the generatepress parent theme which I can see being used as the parent theme by all the affected sites. I think what’s happening is that the theme is causing tons of requests to be sent through on a page reload so when all the plugins are active and trying to make their own requests to load the widgets they’re getting 504s or 429s. To give you some more context, I watched the logs as I reloaded the page (with and without plugins on) and could see hundreds of requests being populated in the logs to the point where there have been over 65,000 requests made to this dev site today alone just from me refreshing the page a few times during troubleshooting.

    We decided to go a little further with testing and we installed another theme from Genesis through the user portal that supports widgets and activated it. After activating that, re-activating all plugins, and reloading the widgets page we no longer see any 504s. I also don’t see nearly as many requests being logged when refreshing the page which further points to the theme being an issue. If these requests from the theme can be reduced then you should no longer receive 504s/429s on the widgets page.

    Please can you advise?

  • Hi there,

    That seems to be an old bug from the Block Widget area that is supposed to be fixed now. I don’t think this issue is specific to the GeneratePress theme, as I have seen other websites that are not using GP having this error as well.

    Some solutions that I’ve seen include rebuilding the widgets with a new block or you can try adding this filter to disable the block editor in the widget area:

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