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Alt tag on GB Image with Dynamic Data

  • Hello,

    I’m working on improving the accessibility of my site. In particular, the addition of “alt” tags on each image.

    At the end of each post, I have this structure:

    block structure

    Dynamic Data seems to ignore the Alt:

    No Alt in code

    Normally there is an alt on my image:

    alt on the file

    Is this a bug?
    Is there a way for Dynamic Data to retrieve the alt tag as well?


  • Hi there,

    I just tested on my site, and the alt text is showing correctly.

    Can you try disabling all other plugins to eliminate plugin conflicts?

    If it’s still the case, try disabling all your custom functions as well.

    Let me know how it goes!

  • Hello Ying,

    Indeed it was a mistake on my part. I use a special custom system, which retrieves the url of the image to display via a meta of the post configured with ACF 🙂

    The only solution for me, which works, is to use this filter, activated according to a CSS class:

    add_filter( 'render_block', 'pbx_add_alt_tag_on_dynamic_image', 10, 2 );
    function pbx_add_alt_tag_on_dynamic_image( string $block_content, array $block ) {
        if( 'generateblocks/image' === $block['blockName'] ) {
            if( false !== strpos( $block['attrs']['className'], 'pbx-alt-nsp' ) ) {
                return str_replace( '<img ', '<img alt="' . esc_attr__( 'My alt text', 'pbx' ) . '" ', $block_content );
        return $block_content;

    Have a nice day

  • Good job on that 🙂

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