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Animation of Accordion

  • Hi there

    if in a accordion you set the setting that only one Accordion item is allowed to be open the Animation jumps quite strange.

    In our view on click on another accordion item it should scroll to the item you want to open and not somewhere else.


  • Hi Brian,

    The issue stems from the closing accordion, particularly if it’s longer than the accordions that come after it. It’s an inherent issue with accordion, but we are looking at ways to improve that.

    For now, the way to resolve this is to enable the Keep Multiple Items open under Accordion Block Settings. Reference:–-accordion

  • Thanks Fernando for your feedback. is there any github issue or pullrequest we can follow and help testing?

  • Hi there,

    GB Pro is developed under a Private GitHub, so we don’t have that issue open to the public.
    But we have this topic marked for that Improvement, so we will try and circle back here once there is a beta offering available.

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