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Any other Options to Add Hooks Into Content

  • I love the hook and block elements that GP offers as I can quickly make changes to the entire website or parts of it without having to edit every single page.

    However there doesn’t seem to be any hooks for inside the content in the visual hook guide:

    I wanted to add a shortcode for a review plugin inside the content as shown in the image.

    I want to have the flexibilty of a hook to add the shortcode inside the content for posts in a specific category.

    What can be done to give me this flexibitly for adding a shortcode in the content of a post? I don’t want to have to edit hundereds of posts if I make a change to where I want this shortcode to show up on in the content of the page.

  • Hi there,

    you are right, GP does not have a hook inside the content area.

    You might want to use a plugin like ad inserter to insert the shortcode into content area.

  • Okay thank you Ying!

  • No Problem 🙂

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