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Archive Page – Query Loop Issues

  • Hello,

    I have added a “Page Hero” block and a layout with no sidebar for my category page.

    Now I am trying to add a Query loop using the “Content Template” block. But the issue I have facing is that I am getting 10x the post instead of 1

    You can check the category link that I have shared. Kindly let me know what mistake I am making as I tried everything and unfortunately could not find any solution.


  • Update I was able to fix it using the inherit query…

    So the above issue is fixed.

    Is there a way to create a better pagination than the one we have as default or the GenerateBlocks pro default one?

    I need pagination like


  • If you’re using a Content Template, you shouldn’t add a Query Loop Block.

    If you’re using a Loop Template, that’s when you use a Query Loop Block.

    With that said, can you confirm if you’re using a Loop or a Content Template? If it’s a Content Template, we can use custom CSS.

    If it’s a Loop Template, you can add pagination through the toolbar settings of the Query Loop Block. Then, you can modify the look of the pagination as you would a Button Block.

  • I was able to use it using “Loop Template” and Query loop and it’s working.

    For the pagination I need something similar like the reference website I am mentioning

    I need pagination like

    Is it possible?

  • Yes, it should be possible. Just set the color and the spacing values for the Buttons. Example:

  • Thanks for the solution. It worked.

    Also, I need to know how to add “Dynamic Content” to show Tags’ names for the archive Page.

    For the category page, it’s working perfectly, and the headings on the page show the respective category which I open.

    But for the tags, it’s not working as it continues to show the Category name.

    I have shared the link, and you can check it. Let me know how I can show the tag “How-To” instead of Category “Smart Home”


  • Can you share a screenshot of your Dynamic settings for this?

    Uploading Screenshots:

  • Here is the screenshot of Dynamic Settings

    View post on

  • Hi there,

    You need to select the Tags for the taxonomy field.

    And the link source also need to be set up.

  • I am not getting anything in the Taxonomy field to choose from.

    It says no options. You can check the screenshot

    View post on

  • Can you take a screenshot of the entire screen instead of the dynamic data panel only so we can have a better idea?

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