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Archive template for CPT?

  • Not sure what I’m doing wrong but I made a Loop Template for a CPT that works great. But I also set the location for CPT category archives too and those archives are empty. The categories are the default WP post categories, which have been added to the CPT w/ ACF.

    Is it not possible to use a loop template for a category archive that might show different post types?

  • Hi there,

    do the CPT archives show any posts without the Loop Template ?

  • They do not, the only category that shows anything is the one with the default ‘Hello World’ post. Do I need to make a custom taxonomy?

  • Is the CPT Archive enabled in your CPT configuration?

  • Yes. The Loop template works great for the main CPT archive but not for the CPT category archives.

  • I think you need custom taxonomy, as the default category archive shows posts only.

    Or do you want to show both posts and CPT on the category archive?

  • I’d like to show 2 CPTs in the category, rather than posts.

  • If you’re using Query Loop on the CPT category archives, you can include more than one post type in the query loop. See David’s reply here:

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