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Author Archive Page

  • I don’t understand what I have set differently on these two author archive pages. The social icons and links do not appear on the live site but the they appear on the staging site. They look virtually they same from what I see. Anyone able to point me in the right direction?

    You can see the author archive on the staging site and the live site here:

    From what I can see, I should be able to see the social links for those that are filled in.

  • Hi there,

    If the user does not have a valid facebook link added to the profile, then the icon will not show.

    Can you make sure the social inks are added in the user profile and then check the element again?

  • The third image here ( shows that the instagram link is filled out, so it should show. I can see it working on the staging site, but when I duplicate it on the live site it does not show up at all.

  • The element type on the live site is set to hook, but without a hook name being selected:

    Can you select one and link me to an author archive page where the author has social links added in profile?

    Let me know 🙂

  • Thank you for that. I do not understand why I can not see the grid item width ( on the left, which is the live site and not the staging site.

    Also, is there an easier way to copy or export an element from one site to another and/or copy the elements from one site to another?

  • The live site container is not a direct child of Grid, while the staging site container is:

    However, you should still be able to set up width in the sizing panel.

    If you have more questions that are not related to the original topic, please open new topics, and try to make 1 question per topic. thanks!

    To export elements, go to dashboard > tools > export, select elements, click download export file.

    To import elements, go to dashboard > tools > import, choose WordPress(Import posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags from a WordPress export file.), then run importer to import the exported file to another site.

  • Thank you! That helped. Appreciate it.

  • You are welcome   🙂

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