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Author avatar when avatar turned off

  • Hi there,

    Is it possible to use the author_avatar dynamic content when the WP avatar have been turned off?


  • Hi there,

    What function are you using to disable the Avatar?

    Theoretically, as long as the metadata is there, the dynamic options for the Avatar should still work. It’s best to try creating a Page Hero with a dynamic image for the avatar to test.

  • Hi Fernando, I am using the WP native function to disable Gravatars in Settings > Discussion. I no longer have a way to add a picture to a user.

  • Hi there,

    the functions we use in the Dynamic Data require that core function, which gets disabled when Gravatars are disabled.

    What is is you would like to achieve ? Eg. use a local image for avatar

  • hi David,

    yes, I guess that’s what I want to do – have a way to host a local image as avatar for authors and display it on author archives and posts.

  • The simplest option is to use this plugin:

    It adds the local avatar option in the user profile, and does the swapping out.
    So make sure to re-activate the Gravatar in the discussion settings and that plugin will do the image swap.

  • thanks @David — it looks like I can keep gravatar turned off though:
    3. Fully supports Gravatar and default avatars if no local avatar is set for the user – but also allows you turn off Gravatar.

  • ah! GP/GB need the avatars to be enabled… is there any way to bypass this by adding an action or filter on the function?

  • GB doesn’t need anything 🙂
    It simply calls the get_avatar function if you set the Dynamic Data to: Author Avatar.
    And that dynamic data option should display whether you have Avatars enabled in the Discussions settings or not.

    That plugin simply overwrites the returned value of the get_avatar function with the local avatar if one exists.
    But i have never tried using that plugin without gravatars enabled, so i am not sure if theres a different issue here.

    Whats is the problem? Or what is the issue with having the avatars enabled in the settings ?
    Remember they are used elsewhere eg. comments and that plugin will update them in all places.

  • hi David,

    I do not have comments enabled on the blog, and have turned off gravatar – and the plugin does not display the local avatar when that’s the case – despite what it says in its description.

    it’s not urgent to get this sorted so, for the time being I’ll try without. thank you again for your help.

  • Yeah might be worth raising it with the developer.

    Glad to be of help.

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