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Autor page / User meta / URLs

  • Hi there,

    I’m trying to achieve the same like Carl in this threat.

    As suggested by David, I …

    (1) added a GB button block with a # in the URL
    (2) enabled the dynamic data toggle (data source = current post / content source = blank / link source = author meta / author meta field = user_url / link type = standard / “remove block if empty” toggle = deactivated)
    (3) added a URL to the Website field in the user record

    Result: The button text “…mehr erfahren” appears below the bio on the author page but the URL is not being pulled from the user record.

    What am I missing?

    Any advice is much appreciated.


  • Hi there,

    You need to use the Dynamic Data option on the floating toolbar, not in the Block settings.

  • Hi Alvind,

    thanks for getting back. I switched to the dynamic option instead.

    The URL is being pulled in when I populate the fields like this.

    This, however, overwrites the button text. When I leave the Meta Field Name blank, the button disappeares all together.

    What else am I missing?


  • Try to remove dynamic data for the text type.

  • Done. The new setup.

    This will remove the URL and bring back the button text. The button remains inactive.

    Any other thoughts?


  • The style is added to an <a> element, however, the link is not generated, thus the style won’t apply.

    Does the user have the WEBSITE field filled?

  • Thanks for getting back, Ying.

    Yes, the Website URL was filled. I added a new button from scratch and now it works.

    What do you think causes this “behaviour”?

    A – the implementation of global styles which is running in parallel (both legacy and new styles currenty exist)
    B – I keep using the same HTML Anchors for containers across the page
    C – Cache entries not flushed frequently

    Two more questions:

    (1) When to use the Dynamic option over Dynamic data (block settings)
    (2) There are other social fields like Linkedin URL in the user record. I tried the same approach to pull in data from the user_linkedin field. With no luck. Are those fields handled differently?


  • Hi there,

    1. the Dynamic Options in the Toolbar the legacty GeneratePress Elements dyanamic data option.
    Use them when adding dynamic data to Archive pages as the dynamic data will handle the fact its an archive page. Whereas the GB Block settings will not.

    In the future we will improve GB so it does handle them too.

    2. If those are the Yoast fields then try setting the META FIELD NAME to: linkedin

  • Not sure I fully understand the first sentence re #1, David.

    But in principle this is very helpful indeed.

    The social buttons are working fine now (see related link below). Thanks for your guidance.

    This leaves me with a sense of uncertainty, because every time I add new buttons from scratch the dynamic option works as desired. A day after, however, the button sometimes “disappears”. Let me check again tomorrow to see if we can close this topic for good.

    So long,

  • Keep us updated!

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