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Beta site doesn’t work dynamic popup

  • Hello,

    I really don’t comprehend how my beta site is impossible to see the few dynamic parts like GDPR popup or my test chatbot.For using I’ve to click….

    Since two days ago all worked perfectly.

    Now also a stupid plugin for voting article are grey…

    That site has few plugins… But I try to deactivate about all…and nothing changes 🙁

    thank you a lot

  • Hi there,

    They are both showing from my end. Could you try using a different browser to test? You may have a browser extension that’s causing a conflict.

    Or, if that doesn’t work, try using a different device because it may also be a device-related issue.

  • Ah do u see bot pop-up merging out from home page? I cannot see and neither vote articles for example.

    I tried Safari for administration and Firefox anon for navigation… I delete Cookies and others.

    Now I try to download Chrome.

  • For reference, I shared a couple of screenshots of what I see from my end in the Private Information field. It seems good. Have you tried a different device?

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