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Blog post formatting

  • Hi there, I am trying to format the blog post format I have in example a to the rest but cannot seem to match them. In example a everything is nicely aligned and justfied including the table of contents. But in example b everything is off. I don’t know what I am doing wrong? Can you help?

    See private box for info.

  • Some of the text pulls centre some is not aligned and justified and I cannot work out what I am doing wrong. The container settings in example B are the same in example A

  • Hi there,

    to see the difference, edit example A and open the List View
    At the top of the page is a GB Container Block
    Inside that container is just an Image and a Text block, the rest of the post content sits below it.

    That container has its layout set to Flex, with a direction of column and alignment set to the start.

    Now the exact same block exists on the example B, accept on that post ALL of the content blocks are inside that Container. So they all get the same flex alignment. Which is why you see the difference.

    I am not sure you need that Container Block on either post. As I cannot see what value its adding.


    A. get rid of the Container Block, by dragging the other blocks outside of it and delete the container.
    I can’t see its adding any value here.

    B. edit the Container Block and set the Layout > Display to Block.

  • Thanks will try that. Do you know why the table of contents is full width in example A but not in example B? I know that is a third party plugin but guessing this is driven by overall GB formatting?

  • Its because its inside that Container Block.
    The Container Block has a Layout > Display -> Flex and is set to Column.
    This can alter the content inside it such as allowing the Table of Contents to Collapse in width.
    Following either option above will fix that.

  • Understood, thanks!

  • You’re welcome!

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