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  • Hi!

    I have troubles with getting rid of breadcrumbs from category pages. They’re automatically showing at the top of the page. I use All in One SEO plugin for that. Unfortunately, I can’t find how to remove it nor can I contact customer support (I don’t have a PRO version).

    I was wondering if you might have any idea where to find the setting that does it and remove the breadcrumbs.

    They have four ways how to use breadcrumbs – php, widget, Gutenberg block, shortcode. I searched for php, but looks like it’s not it. It’s also not inserted directly on individual pages. Do you have any idea where I might find general category page settings where it might be used?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi there,

    Unfortunately, we cannot assist with troubleshooting issues from another plugin. However, we can provide some CSS to hide the breadcrumbs on category pages if that works for you.

    You might also try asking for help on their WP Forum support, if the breadcrumbs feature is included in the free plugin.

  • Yes, but I believe I had to insert the block or shortcode in general category post design using one of your tools. All they do is provide a code.

    So my question is if you can share a few different ways how to insert one feature in all the category posts automatically, so I can delete that block / shortcode from there.

  • Hi there,

    can you share a link to a category page on your site where I can see the breadcrumb ?

  • OK.
    View that page whilst logged in. And in the Admin Bar > Elements menu
    What do elements are listed there ?
    Is there one for the Breadcrumbs ?
    IF there is them edit that and in the Display Rules > Exclusion add the Post Category Archive > All Categories to exclude it.

  • No it’s not there, I also searched my Elements already, and I have not created one for the breadcrumbs.

  • Can you share us a temporary admin login to your site.
    You can provide the information in the Private Information field below.
    We can then take a Quick Look to see where it’s coming from.

  • Sure

  • The Themes template files have been edited directly and this code has been added:

    <?php if( function_exists( 'aioseo_breadcrumbs' ) ) aioseo_breadcrumbs(); ?>

    For example in Appearance > Theme File Editor -> archive.php you will see it on Line 15.

    NOTE: Any changes you make to the parent Theme files will be lost when the the theme is updated.
    So I advise any changes that have been made to theme files be implemented using a different method like a GP Element or a Code Snippet.

  • So what should I do next to remove the breadcrumbs?

  • That line of code in the archive.php that I referenced above. Delete the line of code.

  • Okay great thanks a lot!

  • You’re welcome

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