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Button to hide when empty

  • Hi there,

    Is there a way to hide the button when using a shortcode for the URL and the URL is empty?

    Kind regards,


  • Hi there,

    is it possible to see this button on the site ?

  • I have it disabled at the moment as does not work and don’t want it affecting the live end?

  • try this:

    1. Add this CSS:

    a.hide-on-no-url[href=""] {
        display: none !important;

    2. select the button and give it a CSS Class of: hide-on-no-url

    If the markup of that button is an <a> that has an empty href then that should hide it.

  • Yes that seems to work thank you! (without the ‘a’).

  • Glad to hear that ( i updated my CSS above as it had a mistake 🙂 )

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