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Can I use GP premium in two application in one server?

  • Hello, I have 2 blog applicaton in one wp server. In the one application, I use GP premium. Now I created 1 more blog site in the server with new domain. And I need to install necessary plugin.. Then can I apply the GP premium I already installed in the old blog application to the new blog application as well? If not, it’s sad for me to buy again the premium plug in and it would be bad for the server capacity because I need to install the gp premium twice in one server… Please give me good advice. Thanks. Have a good day~

  • Hi Sang Chul,

    A license in GP Premium can be used for up to 500 sites.

    If you haven’t used it for 500 sites, you should be good regardless if your sites share plugins like a multisite or not.

    Otherwise, if you already exceed 500 sites using your license, and your sites aren’t sharing plugins, you’ll need a new license.

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