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Can we re-download the elements in a site library after messing them up?

  • palominojones

    I was playing with a fresh wordpress install and downloaded the site library called “Events” and all the demo content. I think I ruined the elements while I was playing with it prior to adding my real content.

    The whole purpose was to move my Joomla site over to WordPress with tables and pages/posts which I did. Now I have thousands of posts I’m sorting through and organizing categories doing bulk deletes on a lot.

    But I can’t make the elements work, I don’t get it. Nothing makes sense. No matter how hard I study the documentation, I can’t get the category headings on the new posts to show up or figure out how to add spacing on the page created with a simple element (for a start).

    I think I ruined them when I was playing. I want to keep all the content, but can I just upload replacement copies of the exact same elements with the exact data, etc. so I can have a model to work with?

    Thank you. I’m an idiot…partially.

    Carol Jones

  • Hi Carol,

    You can remove the existing imported site and reimport it to get the default content.

    Removing the site library won’t delete your existing content, but we recommend making a backup first to avoid any issues.

    If you need help with any of the issues you mentioned above, you can open a topic for the specific issue you need assistance with.

  • palominojones

    What about customizations I have made like with fonts, h1, h2, logo, adding in some fake content/posts? will those all be gone?

    Here is what the warning says when I go to “site library”:
    “This process restores your previous options, widgets and active plugins. It will also remove your imported content and CSS.” Wouldn’t that imported content be my changes to h1 and h2 and all the content I imported through the Joomla to WordPress plugin?

  • Which element are you referring to?

    I can provide the HTML code so you don’t have to remove and reimport the site.

  • palominojones

    That would be great, Wonderful! There are eight of them and I don’t know which ones I damaged, but I will guess.

    Viewed by title on the/a site alphabetically:
    Arhive/blog loop template — I think this one is OK except later I’m going to ask about how the categories show up where they do and sometimes don’t.

    Blog page hero — This one I’m pretty sure I’ve messed up and it’s the one that shows up at the top of the home page which shows a stream of posts below it. I think I probably unlocked the lock. It shows up right enough, but the line up of the text on the images. I’m trying to find out how it is supposed to work but I can’t if some of it is wrong.

    General page hero — Same with this one. I don’t know where it is used looks different from all my post pages.

    Post navigation — I think this one is OK as is, and I think it is only about the previous and next words on the right and left sides of the page.

    search Results page hero — ??? I don’t even know what makes this one show up. My content is not ready.
    Single post narrow content width — can’t remember but I think this one is OK too seems to be just a content width measurement

    Single post page hero — I think I have messed up this on trying to put some space under the image. Never could do it.

    Site footer — I made this into a draft because I could’t figure out anything but how to put the logo in so I pan to revert to the old Generate Press way.

    So can you do the replacement html or are you going to send it to me?

    Do you need credentials to log in now?

    Thank you…
    Carol Jones

  • First, go to Appearance > Elements and delete all the elements.

    Download this Events Site Elements import file. Then, go to Tools > Import and install the WordPress Importer if you haven’t already. After that, click Run Importer.

    Next, select the file you just downloaded and click Upload File and Import.

  • palominojones

    Thank you. I will do this in the morning. Sounds like magic.

  • You’re welcome. Just let us know if you run into any issues.

  • palominojones

    it’s an .xml file that I want isn’t it? It also wanted to download an .html file which didn’t look right. So I’m doing it now.

  • palominojones

    I thought everything went well, got a message at the end telling me the 8 Elements had been added and to go have fun, so I clicked on that and there were no Elements. One thing it asked me was to assign this to a different user from you so I assigned it to the newest user I have for this site, the one I was logged in as, but since I brought in all the content from Joomla it also brought in a bunch of users. Should I try it over and pick a different user?

    Also there was one thing it asked which was did I want to import attachments and I didn’t check that box.

    Will it hurt to do it all over? If I log out and back in will it be all fixed? hahaha

    This was such a brilliant idea. I don’t know what happened.


  • One thought…I put the original Elements in the trash, did not delete the trash. What if I rename the ones in the trash if that is the problem, wouldn’t that be close to emptying the trash.

    Another thought, if I got a message that the 8 elements were uploaded, where did they go? Was there another step I missed? Is the XML file sitting on the site somewhere?

    I’m going to try whole thing again, this afternoon or evening.

  • palominojones

    After trying two more times I finally deleted the Elements in the trash and it worked. Looks good. You will get a day off from me now for a while but I’ll be back. One questions at a time.

    I thought I sent another email to this effect but can’t find it so if you do you can have that one too.

    Your fan,
    Carol Jones

  • Glad to hear you finally got it working!

    If you have any other issues, feel free to open a new topic.

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