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  • Hello, in the home section under all the categories, only the recent posts are shown. How do I fix it, please? I have given the relevant URL to all the category headings upon clicking it is fine opens the relevant category.
    But the images under it in the main section are all the same. 5 times each post is featured.
    The most popular section also shows Recent posts. (LOL) I could not figure out what to do!! Kindly instruct me step by step on what to do, please. Thank you – shared the URLs of the websites privately.

  • Hi there,

    Edit the page, and select each query loop block under the each category, add parameter taxonomy > category, choose the specific category.

    Here’s a screenshot for your reference:

    For the second/third query loop block under the same category section, you need to add taxonomy > category and offset parameter as well.

    For example, the 1st query loop shows 1 post, so the 2nd query loop’s offset value should be set to 1, so it starts with the 2nd latest post of the category.

    Here’s a screenshot for your reference:

    Hope this is clear 🙂

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