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catogorie description

  • While searching through your knowledge base and forums, I noticed that my issue has been discussed several times before, yet I can’t seem to find a solution. I am working on a website using the Newsroom template from GeneratePress, where I aim to display specific blog categories. This part is successful, but the accompanying descriptions are not shown, even though I expect them to be visible.(note I do not use a page I select directly a catogory (from posts)

    I have tried to resolve this by using both the “hook content” option with {{custom_field.description}} and “dynamic blocks”, to no avail. The settings have been correctly applied in “post category” and “generate_before_main content”. My website, currently filled with demo content and publicly accessible, illustrates the problem. When you select the “travel” category on (yes only those 2 words) and then choose “France”, you should see the set description, but it does not appear.

    Could you advise me on how to solve this issue? Any help or guidelines would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi there,

    Where do you want to add the term description?

    In your element, you can use GP’s dynamic content block (the icon is GP logo), and choose term description:

  • I already tryed that one does not work. location : post category , hook name : before_main_content block:term description; also I disabled litespeed cash plugin to be sure.

  • For the thest I always disable litespeed cash plugin for tests

  • I tried to log in to check the backend, but the credential doesn’t work.

    Can you check?

  • The purpose of the category description in the blog is to provide visitors with better insight. For instance, when you open the ‘France’ category, you will see all posts related to France. Alongside, I briefly share my vision in three sentences.” (which is stated in the description, if I choose to do so), and this allows me to customize various descriptions,

  • I found the solution thanks to your youtube channel ! thank you

  • No Problem 🙂

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