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Change Wpdiscuz location

  • Hello!

    I use learndash LMS plugin and have the WPdiscuz commenting plugin installed. It works, but I would like to do the following:

    Situation: I use learndash focus mode for all my courses, lesson, and topics.

    Objective: In focus mode, I want the comments to appear on the right side of the screen instead of below the content. Therefore, the order will be :
    table of contents | Lesson / Topic | Comments.

    Where can I get started/find docs that help me do that?


  • Hi there,

    can you share a link to a page on your site where I can see the requirement ?
    As I believe LearnDash uses its own templates, and GP may little control over that.

  • Thanks for the quick response! I am including details in private area.

  • Yeah that template comes from LearnDash – the theme has no control over it.
    You could treat it with some CSS eg.

    @media(min-width: 1024px) {
       .single .learndash-wrapper .ld-focus .ld-focus-main .ld-focus-content {
            max-width: 1200px;
            display: grid;
            grid-template-columns: 2fr 1fr;
            grid-gap: 60px;

    But i would recommend asking LearnDash if they have a template option for that layout.

  • That worked perfectly. Thanks a lot!

  • Glad to be of help!

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