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CLS issue: more than 0.25 (desktop)

  • In Google Search I started to see growing issue: ‘CLS issue: more than 0.25 (desktop)’, for 139 affected URLs. See the screenshot. Not really sure why and what to do. Similar on mobile, but not that critical (need improvement).

  • Added some affected links in Private information.

  • Hi there,

    one of the main reasons for CLS is late loading resources that get applied after the page has already been rendered. Such as Fonts or style sheets.
    And this looks to be the case here, and the issue stems from Pefrmatters and most likely the litespeed optimizations.

    I see the Perfmatters is locally loading the fonts, and its using a Font Display property of swap.
    Change that to auto – this may mean the site takes a little longer to display but you won’t have the FOUT ( flash of unstyled type ) that results in CLS,

    I would address that first.

    Then if the CLS persists you need to look at any perfmatters or litespeed settings that are delaying the loading of styles, such as Critical CSS.
    As a general note, make sure that those plugins are NOT performing the same optimizations.

  • Thank you, David. It’s better.

  • I can still see CLS that looks related to the CSS loading.

    Have a chat with PerMatters support, as they should be able to help improve that.

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