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Coach Site Library Home Page not allowing Colour Changes

  • Hello,

    This is my website

    i’m having issues with changing my button’s text colour (this is a BOOK YOUR DISCOVERY CALL button) when selected, I’m currently using the Coach Template from the Site Library and I already went into “Colours” after selecting the button background colour, as well as the text colour.

    Usually this worked on normal WordPress themes but I can’t change it here which is frustrating.

    Please help– thanks!

    And please, preferably no advice to access the CSS. I’m not the best with coding and it can take a while.

  • Hi there,

    if you edit the Homepage and select the Button block in the editor, you can set the colors in the block settings sidebar

  • Hi David,

    I set the text colour as white #fffff within the regular WordPress editor but it’s coming up as black. Not sure what’s going on, and it’s not my preferred background colour (the colour I put in) when I click on the button as well.

    The button is the “book your discovery call” button


  • The theme’s content link color is overriding the button color you set.

    1. Go to customzier > colors > content, remove the link color --contrast-3

    2. Go to customizer > colors > body, set the general link color there.

  • thank you Ying, that was helpful and I was able to change the button text colour that way.

    For future reference, how am I supposed to which colour (aka how contrast 3 represented the button text colour) belongs to which link colour? is there a guide I can follow?

  • Since now you’ve removed the content link color, the theme will add color CSS only using the simplest CSS selector a.

    All block level color setting can override it.

    In the future, if a link’s color is not specified, then it will use the link color set for body.

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