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Color single words in a paragraph

  • I am used to changing the color of single words with span – this doesn’t seem easy to do with GP. When I change the color, it changes the whole paragraph. Alternatively, it transforms the block into HTML, which doesn’t make things easier.

  • Hi there,

    select the string of text you want to color in the paragraph, and in the blocks toolbar drop down menu select Highlight.

  • That works, thanks!

  • Glad to hear that!

  • I need to increase the font-size of this word. Do you have an idea how to do that? I would normally add a class to a span tag.

  • If you are using GB’s highlight option then it will add gb-highlight class to the span, you can use the customizer > typography > add typography > custom selector or use custom CSS to set font-size for the span.

  • I have GB installed, but I’m not sure if I’m using it correctly. I only have one highlight option available.


  • Hi there,

    You are using the core Paragraph block, which is why the options are different.

  • How do I activate GB properly?

  • You have already activated GB, as I see the GB Container block you selected in your screenshot.

    If you mean to use the GB Headline block, just search for the Headline block from the block list. You can identify it by its light blue icon color.

  • I can’t find it. Please show me how to activate “GB’s highlight option”.

  • This is the GB Headline block:

    Highlight any text within the Headline block, and you will see this option:

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