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Combining Video and Standard post formats on Archive page

  • Is there an easy way to change how a post set to Video post format displays on an Archive page?

    I’d like the Youtube Video first, then the Post Title, then the Post Excerpt. Like the Standard post format.

    See the screenshot attached.

  • Hi there,

    You could try using a Block Element to design the layout, and assign the Location to All Archives or to specific archive.

  • Thanks Alvind.

    Is there a way to replace the Featured Image with a YouTube video?

    Bearing in mind that the video URL is different from post to post.

  • It seems possible with custom code. Are you referring to the featured image inside the post archive loop?

  • Yes, on the Archive page.

    All posts using “Post Format: Video” would use the YouTube video instead of a Featured Image.

  • Hi there,

    it may be easier to resolve that with some CSS
    Can I see the page in the screenshot so I can see what solutions are possible.

  • Thanks David. I’ll share the details with you privately.

    You’ll see I’ve “sort of” got it working on the Archive page using CSS.

    But it doesn’t work at all with a Query Loop block.

    (BTW, I did try using the “portable” hook method, but that was also going to require custom fields or post types, so I stopped going down that road for now.)

  • You’ll see I’ve “sort of” got it working on the Archive page using CSS.

    I see that you are using block element – content template for video format posts, it seems working fine, what is the issue now?

    Let me know 🙂

  • Still having difficulties getting it to work with a Query Loop block.

  • Where can I see the Query Loop issue ?

  • It’s on the Home page towards the bottom.

  • How did you resolve this on the archive page ?
    As it can be tricky to do it inside a block loop eg. using a Custom Field instead of a direct video embed.
    Let me know

  • On the Archive page…

    I used the Video Post Format which displays all of the post’s content on the Archive page.

    Then I created an Element to set the layout. i.e video, title, excerpt

    Finally, I used CSS to hide the paragraph text.

  • Unless the video URL was added to a custom field, its really difficult to get just it to display in the query loop.

    Is that a possibility ?

  • Thanks David, I thought so.

    Let me ask the client if they want that level of control.

    I’ll come back to you soon if I need further assistance.

  • Keep us posted 🙂

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