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Configure the boxes of posts in my blog

  • Hello,
    I hope DeepL will provide a readable text for you.
    I’m new to Generatepress.
    I want to create a blog page, my articles appear well but I would like to configure the presentation boxes a little: I can’t display the date of the article and the “Read more” buttons.
    Thank you for your help.

  • Hi there,

    Can I see your blog?

  • Yes, but the access is private because in test. I made it visible at the address in private information

  • OK, thanks for the link.

    Go to customize > layout > blog, and check the Display post date.

    For the read more button, are you using the manual excerpt? The read more word count in customizer > layout > blog only works for auto excerpt.

    If you remove the manual excerpt, it should work automatically.

    Let me know 🙂

  • Thank you for your answering
    Indeed, I use manual extracts
    In “Customize > Page setup > Blog” the “Show date” box is checked, but it has no effect. Nor the display of categories

  • Hi there,

    go to Customizer > Additional CSS
    Delete this CSS:

    /*masquer la date de parution et l’auteur des articles*/
        .entry-meta {
            display: none
  • Thank you.
    I put some CSS like this :

    /* réglages boîtes articles */
    .inside-article h2 {font-size:1.4em;}
    .inside-article .post-image {margin:1em 0}
    .inside-article .entry-summary p {color:red; margin-top:-2em}

    I can’t get the (temporarily red) text any closer to the image than by putting a negative margin, which I don’t think is very clean.

  • Try this CSS to reduce that space:

    .inside-article .entry-summary {
        margin-top: 0;

    The H2 you can set its font size in Customizer > Typography > Content -> H2 Archive Title

  • Thank you

  • You’re welcome

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