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Configuring Breadcrumbs via [Shortcode]

  • Hi Guys,

    I’m having great fun building out my site. However, I’ve hit a bit of a snag. Breadcrumbs.

    I’ve set the shortcode up as a Hook, enabled Shortcode.
    The Shortcode shows, but not in the desired place.

    I’ve tried all of the settings, but unable to produce this in the area that I want it in.
    I have adjusted this temporarily to generate after header, temporarily.

    This is the end result I would like to achieve: Breadcrumbs above Main Article Title

    I am also looking at how I can adjust the colours for this. I have watched a video, which shows to add a container and a shortcode inside the ‘Block’ Template – but it appears the ‘Block’ doesn’t support the shortcodes?

    The colours aren’t editable and when inside my header, become almost invisible.

    Are there any plans to make dynamic content like we have with titles, tags, comments, but with Breadcrumbs?

    I hope you can help with this, as I have no idea how I can reach the end result. I am able to change styling etc, but I would maybe need pointing in the right direction as to the stylesheet etc.

    Thanks in advance. It’s a great theme!

  • Hi Taz

    You’re correct.

    Open your Block Element for this Page Hero.

    Above the Headline Block for the Title, add a Container Block.

    Then, add a WordPress Shortcode Block inside. This setup should work.

    You can set text color settings through the Container Block. If that doesn’t work, we can try altering it with CSS.

    There’s no plan for breadcrumbs. We usually recommend using a third-party plugin for this.

  • That has worked! Where I was going wrong last night, was that I added the shortcode, but was deleting the original breadcrumb element with the tickbox for Execute Shortcode.

    This is great. Thank you!

  • You’re welcome, Taz!

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