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Container block width

  • Hi Guys,

    I have a Sidebar Author bio using Gblocks. It contains an Image and then text and the social icons.

    I have create the design and applied it to one of my posts on the top sidebar [Post link: in private box]

    1. Author Description should occupies space on the left and right. Currently its centered. I tried all the Container options but its still have gaps on the left and right both sides.

    2. Change Font Size to 80% for Author description and adjust line height.

  • Hi there,

    did you resolve the issue ? As I see the changes on your site. Let me know

  • No, it’s not resolved. No changes have been made from my side. The Author sidebar box, the first one, is only applied to one post, which is specified in the private box. On that same page, you will see two author sidebar widgets. The first one is from Gblocks, and the second one is just Custom HTML. I want to move from Custom HTML to the Gblocks one, which I want to fix.

  • Where can i see the author box thats built with GenerateBlocks ? As i only see the HTML one in the link you provided

  • Probably you are getting a cache version. Could you please add ?nocache in the end and try again ?

  • OK
    You have a block layout like this:

    Container Block #1
    ---- Container Block #2
    ---- ---- Container Block #3
    ---- ---- Container Block #4
    ---- ---- Container Block #5

    Select Container Block #2 then in the blocks settings:

    1. Layout > BLOCK ALIGNMENT set to `default.
    2. Spacing > Padding to 10px
    3. Typography > Text Alignment to Center
    4. Colors > Background – give it a color

  • Thanks David, Mostly its fine. Is there any way to adjust the font size of Author Description ?

    [Please Ignore it, I found it.]

  • Glad to hear that

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