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Container links

  • AnaRRodriguez


    I’m having issues saving the page link URL to buttons and headings inside a container. I would save the link as the complete URL of the linked page, and the link would automatically go back to the page ID. This change in the link address does not occur when the anchor is not inside a container.

    For example, I would link a heading (anchor or button inside of a container) to, and after saving, it goes back to id. The link works fine and goes to the correct page after it changes. The problem is that this behavior is creating many unnecessary redirections (301) that show Google Search Console and Ahref’s audit.

    I already tried creating new containers and recreating the heading or the button, but nothing is saved as expected, and the link redirects.

    Please let me know how to address this issue.


  • Hi there,

    That’s strange. Have you tried resaving the permalinks?

  • AnaRRodriguez

    Yes, I have. I also tried deleting the container and creating a new one, which did not work either.

    I’ll await for further advise.


  • Hi there,

    thats very odd… GB doesn’t interfere with URLs so it won’t change a URL that you add to a link.
    Can you check for plugin conflicts by temporarily disabling all other plugins except GB ?

  • AnaRRodriguez

    I got it; it was the WPML translation plugin causing the issue. Thanks for your help!

  • How odd.
    If you speak to WPML, let us know why 🙂

    Glad to be of help

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