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Create different sidebar

  • Hi there,

    I have one sidebar that is sitewide on my website. I’m starting an e-commerce section on the site and want a separate sidebar for those pages. How can I do this with my current setup?

    I think my current sidebar is made up of custom HTML widgets with WP show post lists. How do I stop the current sidebar displaying on the shop pages, and how do I create and display the new one there?

    Thank you.

  • Hi there,

    You can use the Block Element – Sidebar feature to create a custom sidebar specifically for particular pages.

    The key is to set the specific location for this sidebar to appear under Location settings. Choose ‘Page’ and add any page where you want the custom sidebar to appear.

  • This doesn’t work for me. I went through three or four other threads in the forums and tried this already (and again just now), but it doesn’t change anything. Nothing happens. The original sidebar displays exactly the same, and the new one doesn’t show up anywhere.

    I have cleared caches, etc.

  • For debugging purposes, let’s try this: create a dummy sidebar element and set the location to Entire Site. Does the original sidebar get replaced?

  • Yes, it displays when I set location to entire site (I disabled it immediately).

    The location that I’ve been trying, along with other combinations is Page – Shop. But this doesn’t change anything.

  • Have you tried setting the Location to ‘Product Archive‘?

  • Yes, that does it, thanks.

    One more question. How can you turn the sidebar off completely on products and product archives?

    The main sidebar that came with the theme template (Dispatch in the library) is using the widgets area rather than an element. can you still somehow use the exclusion settings?

    Or do I need to recreate the sidebar as an element and then exclude the shop pages that way?

  • In that scenario, simply create a Layout Element.

    In the layout element Sidebar settings, choose Content (No sidebars). Then, under Display Rules, exclude Product > All products and Product Archive.

  • Thanks perfect (except under display rules, it needed to be Location Product > All products and Product Archive).

    Thanks again.

  • You’re welcome 🙂

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