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CSS not affecting GB Headline

  • Hi,
    I am trying to make a GB Headline flash, red and white. I have added `flashing-text’ to the Additional CSS class(es) and added this CSS to the Customiser, but it is not working;

    .gb-headline.flashing-text {
      animation: flashing 2s infinite alternate !important;
    @keyframes flashing {
      0% { color: white !important; }
      50% { color: red !important; }
      100% { color: white !important; }

    I have experimented with adding more simple effects, but it is not targeting the selector. Also tried removing the .gb-headline from start and doesn’t work.

    The Headline is called ‘Hot off the press’ in the Blue Fixtures Box

  • Hi there,

    Try this one instead:

    .flashing-text > strong {
      animation: flashing 2s infinite alternate;
    @keyframes flashing {
      0% { color: white; }
      50% { color: red; }
      100% { color: white; }
  • Hey Alvin,
    Tried that and still not working. Its really odd?

  • Did you add the CSS correctly? It works well on my end:

  • I have added the css to the Customiser. However, the selector part .flashing-text > strong is highlighted in red, which means I believe, that it is not finding the ADDITIONAL CSS CLASS(ES) which is flashing-text

    You can see the css class in developer tools, but it isn’t getting found by customiser.

    However, I have just added this to the Child style.css and it seems to be working. Just not from the Customiser.
    I can live with that, but would be interesting to know why it won’t work from customiser?


  • OK, sound found the issue. The previous CSS in the customeriser had not had not been ended correctly, so the new code was being confused with it. Just a } and it is fixed. Sorry to waste your time, totally a user error!


  • No problem, glad to hear that!

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