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Custom author avatar with GenerateBlocks

  • In my post meta, I want to use custom author avatars instead of the WordPress Gravatars.

    So far, I have created a block element that I am designing as a Page Hero, to display headline, featured image and post meta information.

    In order to upload custom images to my WordPress users, I have created an image field called “author_image” using the ACF Plugin. This allows me to upload author images on the WordPress user page.

    I am stuck however, when it comes to displaying dynamic images on the frontend. I tried to use the GeneratePress “dynamic image” block, set it to type “Post Meta and enter “author_image” as a Meta Field Name. I also tried using the image block of GenerateBlocks, enable Dynamic Data and then choose Post Meta – but my custom field does not show up in the “Post Meta Field” dropdown.

    Thanks for helping!

  • Hi there,

    see my reply here:

    What that will do is replace the WP Gravatar with your custom field image.
    And then wherever the gravatar would normally show up , will be swapped. So you can simply use the Dynamic Data option to show the Author Avatar in your page hero.

  • Thanks, David!

  • You’re welcome

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