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Customize slideout menu

  • Hello,

    I am making some customizations to the slideout menu in mobile.

    One of them is to add a section at the end, with some headlines and buttons. Also that the slideout menu container occupies 100% of the height.

    However for some reason, I have to do some scrolling to see the last part of the slideout.

    Another problem is that when I scroll the menu, I also scroll the site, so when I close the menu, I am in a different section than when I opened the menu.

    In the following image, the part marked in red is the part that is not visible until you scroll:

    This was the CSS I used:

    .inside-navigation.grid-container.grid-parent {
    	padding: 30px 20px 0 20px;
    	height: 100vh;
    	max-height: 100vh;
    	overflow: hidden;
  • Hi there,

    the 100vh property will force the container to be the height of the viewport, which doesn’t consider any browser UIs which is why it overflows.

    Try using: 100dvh – the dvh is the dynamic viewport height and will take into account the browser UI.

    And to stop body scroll when the panel is open , add this CSS:

    body.slide-opened {
      overflow: hidden;
  • Hello David,

    You are a genius, that worked. Thank you very much!

    Just one more thing. I would like the header logo to remain visible in the slideout menu, do you know any way to get it?


  • You would need to hook the logo in.
    Theres the inside_slideout-navigation hook that appears before the menu inside the off canvas.

  • So, I would have to add the logo through the hook and place a negative margin bottom?

    Is there a way to make it be located in the same place as the logo in the header?

  • Try this CSS:

    .slide-opened .header-wrap {
        z-index: 10000000;
    .slide-opened .header-wrap .inside-header >*:not(.site-logo) {
        opacity: 0;
    .slide-opened .header-wrap   {
        width: fit-content;
  • Hello Ying,

    That works very well. Thank you!

    Just one small thing, when you open the slideout, on the right side of the logo a blue box is shown.

    It looks as if it is the element.

    Do you think we can fix this?

    Take a look:

  • Change this:

    .slide-opened .header-wrap .inside-header >*:not(.site-logo) {
        opacity: 0;


    .slide-opened .header-wrap .inside-header >*:not(.site-logo) {
        opacity: 0;
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