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Duplicate Page

  • I duplicated a page. However, the copy of the page is incorrect. Somehow the formatting is not copied? e.g. background colours, actually all formatting such as layout etc …. Where could the error be?

  • Hi there,

    how did you Duplicate the page ?

  • Hi,

    with the Duplicate Page plugin.
    Is it better to work with another plugin to duplicate pages/posts? I have also deactivated the caching plugin to exclude this as a source of error.

    Thanks, greetings from Austria

  • Try this one:

    As i have found this one to work correctly, wherease others scramble the block HTML code in the editor. Which results in broken styles.

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately it does not work with this plugin either. I have the same problem on another page with generate press theme.

    Lg Elena

  • Where can i see the problem page ?

  • The Link is:
    Password: 100624

    The Duplicate Post plugin works better for the first time. Now at least the styles are adopted. However, some container is still added at the top. No idea where it comes from.

    thanks, lg Elena

  • That top container would be from a GP Element, most like a Hero element.
    Whilst viewing the page, check the Admin Bar > Elements to see what elements are being loaded there.

  • – Merged Header
    – Global Page Header
    – Footer
    – Top Bar

    the global page header was the problem, it was also loaded 🙈 the global page header was the problem, it was also loaded. I deactivated it and now it works

    lg Elena

  • Glad to hear that!

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