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Dynamic Archive Title showing first post title in loop instead

  • Hi,
    I am not sure why my archive titles are showing the title of the first post in the query loop instead of the category/archive name. I have tried adding the dynamic title in both a separate Hero block element and inside the Loop template.

  • Hi Milozzz,

    Can you share admin login credentials through the Private Information field? I’ll check your setup and see what’s causing the issue.

  • Hi Fernando, yep. the admin creds should be the same as the folder authorization creds. Also just updated in the fields.

  • Hi there,

    edit that Headline and remove the Dynamic Data options in the block settings sidebar.
    And instead use the GP Dynamic Data options:

    Those settings know its an archive page so it swaps the title accordingly.
    We will be updating GB to handle that too in the future

  • Gotcha, thanks a lot David.

  • You’re welcome

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