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Dynamic data and featured image

  • Hello,

    Is there any possibility that using dynamic data the image to use is not the featured image, which could be another one that WP uses?

    The thing is that in the categories, for example, they load all the images at full-width and there are many kbs in total.


  • Hi there,

    Yes, it’s possible. If you have a custom field for Images for your Posts, you can retrieve that image instead. Reference;

  • Hello,

    Only if I have an ACF, if I normally use the native WP images it is not possible, right?


  • It’s possible to say grab the first image from the content and make it the image for your Blog, but, performance-wise, this wouldn’t be optimal.

    The best solution would be to have a custom field if you want and alternative image.

    Can you share the link to a Category Archive page on your site? I’ll check if there’s an alternative.

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