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Dynamic Data for Counting Visitors

  • Hello GeneratePress Team,

    I’m currently working on a project where I aim to include a feature similar to one I’ve seen on The Decoder’s website (specifically at this link: They have a donation section after their articles, which displays the number of articles read by a visitor, based on their IP address.

    The message displayed is something like: “You have read 2 of our articles this month. Thank you for your interest! Support our independent, free-access reporting. Any contribution helps and secures our future. Support now: Paypal | Patreon | Bank Transfer.”

    While I’m confident in handling the design aspect of this feature, I’m struggling with the implementation of dynamic data to track and display visitor counts per IP address. My questions are:

    1. Is it possible to implement this feature without using an external plugin?
    2. If a plugin is necessary, could you recommend one that can track this specific type of visitor data?
    3. How can I integrate this data with Generate Blocks to dynamically display the visitor count?
    Any guidance or suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time and assistance.

  • Hi Nick,

    1. It’s possible but you’ll need custom code. It would be best to reach out to a developer regarding this.
    2. Unfortunately, we don’t have a recommendation for this. I would suggest asking for recommendations on our Facebook Group as well:
    3. Once you have a system to get these data, you can use a filter like generateblocks_dynamic_content_output or render_block to inject it in a GB Block.

  • Hi, Fernando.

    Thanks for your quick response!

    I will definitely ask the FB group.


  • You’re welcome, Nick!

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