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Dynamic empty GB Attributes make DIV disappear in Edge

  • Hi,

    we have a strange problem here that I suspect is from GB . Read on:

    We are using Generatepress and Generateblocks both in PRO version. On some pages, content just disappears in Edge while remaining visible in other browsers.

    We tracked it down to empty invalid dynamic attributs being added to a GB container

    Raw html server-generated is:
    <div class=”gb-container gb-container-78dba074″>

    In the rendered page, dynamic empty Attributes are added via JS:
    <div class=”gb-container gb-container-78dba074″ jettu2hvr mgafki883>

    This leads to the DIV disappearing in Edge.

    What I did as a hack is to add a JS Hack that is observing the DIV for attribute changes and remove the attributes.
    You can see the difference in Edge with these two pages: = Broken, div invisible due to empty attributes = fixed with JS hack that removes the attributes

    I assume that GB adds these attributes? And why? Maybe they are meant to be placed in the classes, not as empty attributes?

    I add the container code below, but as you see the settings are not unusual.


  • Hi there,

    I assume that GB adds these attributes? And why? Maybe they are meant to be placed in the classes, not as empty attributes?

    No, GenerateBlocks doesn’t add those attributes.
    GB don’t use any front end Javascript to add attributes except where required eg. the Tabs and Accordion interactions.
    So I assume some other code is adding them.
    As a note I do not see those attributes on my MacBook, so if it only effects Edge perhaps a browser extension is doing something ?

  • Holy Cow, David, you are so right! Turns out that uBlock was the culprit , interpreting the included games as Ads and hiding the whole div.

    Thanks for commenting and solving this issue.

    (to save my reputation I should mention that I did not willingly activate uBlock, it was obviously enforced upon me in Edge by our network admins just recently. So I wasn’t actually aware of it – next time I will be …)

  • No problem, and I completely understand 🙂

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