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Edit synced pattern does not apply to previous pattern

  • Hmmh, looks like gb pro has some issues.

    I made a synced pattern and implemented it on 4 posts. Afterwards I wanted to change the text-color of a link in this pattern, so I edited the synced pattern. But it does not apply to the synced pattern.
    So, I tried next possibility and made the link as a global style. Also – no effect on the pattern.
    So, it looks like you just cannot make a synced pattern, which can be edited afterwards.
    Any suggestions how to make a synced pattern which can be edited afterwards?

  • Hi there,

    for now you would need to insert the Synced Pattern via the WordPress Pattern inserter, see here:

    As the GB Pattern Inserter isn’t currently allowed to insert synced patterns, which i have marked as a bug.

  • The pattern is saved to wp-pattern, and also inserted with the common wp-pattern. The pattern is edited with the common wp_block editor, but as you can see – all 3 patterns are different and not synced.
    So how can I edit a synced pattern so that the style will affect every inserted synced pattern?

  • Can you try inserting the Patterns using the core method to the page. NOT the GB Patter Library.
    Then you should be able to see if they are still Synced ( they have a purple icon in the List View )

  • ok, purple was gone. Looks like somehow the sync-state has gone, and so of course sync was not possible.
    Made a new one, and what should I say, works as expected. Thanks anyway.

  • Ok glad to hear that!

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