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Effect on background image

  • Hello

    I have a weird problem with an effect on background image : in editor and when I previsualized the page (when connected), the effect is working.
    But if I’m not connected, the effect is not working and the image is “bigger” (like a zoom)

    It’s the first time I have this problem and I don’t find where it could come from

    May you help me please ?

    Have a nice day

  • Hi there,

    if you add the ?nowprocket query var to the page URL it will load the page without WP Rocket.
    And then the effect works.

    The issue is the way WP Rocket Lazy Loads background image.

    When adding a dynamic images as a pseudo element background image, GenerateBlocks adds the URL to the parent element as a CSS variable which it in turn uses in the pseudo element CSS.

    Problem is WP Rocket sees that CSS variable URL and replaces it with its own lazy loaded background image CSS.

    you will need to speak to WP Rocket on how to stop that from happening.

  • Hi David

    Thanks a lot (again !) for these valuables informations ! It helps me a lot, as usual 🙂

  • You’re welcome

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