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Element Feature Not Working Properly

  • I’m trying to embed some code in the head section of my site, which should be easy with the hook Element feature that GeneratePress has. However, this isn’t working as it should for me and I don’t know what’s wrong.

    When I go to create a new element, first off, the popup where it says “Choose Element Type” should appear:
    choose element type

    BUT… this doesn’t show up for me. Instead, it just loads a new page. AND this page isn’t the right one where you can just paste code as it’s supposed to be when you create a new Element like this.

    Instead, the page that loads is just a normal post-editing page, as if I were simply creating a new post. Here’s what I see:
    normal post-editing page

    So, right now I have no way of adding code via this hook Element option and I’m not sure the issue.

    Any help is appreciated!

  • Hi there,

    can you temporarily disable ALL other plugins accept GP Premium to check for conflicts ?

  • This would take all day I think. The problem seems to occur sporadically, which I don’t understand. I was able to just add an Element successfully (the popup to select the element type appeared and took me to the right page after I selected), but the problem still exists.

    I was playing around and reloading the elements page over and over and it at the moment it is working correctly more often than not, but still there are times where the popup doesn’t come up and the page that loads is incorrect, as mentioned above.

  • Unfortunately, David’s instruction to disable all plugins except GP Premium is the only way to debug an issue like this.

    We have not had any other reports on this so it’s unlikely a GP-related issue.

    Thanks for your understanding.

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