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Element Formatting

  • Hi Guys,

    I copied a block from my homepage into an element, which I’m displaying on a category page. But even though it’s the exact same block with the exact same formatting, it looks different on the category page. You can see what I mean with the links in the Private Information section below.

    Is there anything I can do to so that the layout on the element looks exactly like the layout on the homepage?

  • Hi there,

    the block plugin you’re using doesn’t know its in a GP Element.
    Check with the block plugin author and ask them how to get it to recognise the gp_elements post type.

  • Thanks David, I figured out how to do it with Generate Blocks, but now I’m having a different problem.

    When I’m logged into WordPress, everything looks correct. But when I’m not logged in, all of a sudden the overlay on the image disappears, as do the three columns from the grid layout.

    Any idea what’s happening here?

  • Sounds like a caching issue.
    Does the issue persist if you disable the caches ?

  • Sorry, I’m a bit of a luddite when it comes to this stuff. I’ve cleared my site’s cache and the browser cache, but still see the same problem. Is that the same as disabling the caches, or is there something else I should try?

  • If you go to your Dashboard > Plugins , are there any Cache or Optimization plugins. ?

  • Yeah, I use WP Rocket. I had a developer install and collaborate it for me just a couple weeks ago to fix a pagespeed issue I was having.

  • In the admin bar, there should be a WP Rocket menu, in the click the (?) Purge Cache ALL URLs ( its something like that ).

  • I tried that, but still seeing the same issue in the incognito window.

  • If you add ?nowprocket to the end of the URL in an incognito window, do you see the correct layout?

    Let me know!

  • Yeah, it displays correctly when I add that to the URL. Does that mean I have to tweak the settings in WP Rock somehow?

  • I think so, but it could be the cache from WP Rocket or your server.

    If the clear WP rocket’s cache doesn’t work, make sure also clear the server cache.

    If both don’t work, try reaching out to WP Rocket and the server’s support.

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