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Element Page Hero Fields

  • How can the other job listing fields such as “job location” or “company” be moved into the page hero element? So far, I’m only able to add the job title. In case it helps, I’m using the WP Job Manager plugin. An example page is included in the private information.

  • Hi there,

    Can you ask the support for that plugin what the meta field name of “job location” and “company” is?

    Then, once you have their field names, you can use a GB Headline Block to grab them:

  • Thanks that worked. I was able to find them through the admin panel on the wp_postmeta table. However, unlike the title, placing meta fields into the page-hero doesn’t remove it from the post – it just gets duplicated. Can it be configured such that these fields only appear in the page hero element?

  • This relies on the template of the plugin you’re using. If there’s no option to remove it from the plugin, we’ll need custom CSS.

    For reference, can you share a screenshot of the Elements that need to be removed from the link you shared?

  • Thanks. Sorry, but in the meantime I’ve reconfigured the page to no longer use a page hero element. However, my intention was move the title, location, position type, etc. into the page hero element.

  • I see.

    The alternative would be to create “Jobs” custom post type manually so you have full control over its content.

    A plugin like ACF or CPT-UI can help you create a CPT.

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