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Elements – Bug When Deleting Page

  • Hi guys. In Elements, when specific pages are EXCLUDED and then DELETED, the result is that all PAGES are now excluded. I see frequent breaks on client websites because they delete a page they didn’t think they needed, and now an element no longer applies to all their other pages. Much fun.

    This is because to exclude a specific page you select PAGE from the drop down, and then which page from another dropdown, and when the page is deleted, the selector PAGE remains, and the element is assigned to ALL PAGES until the exclusion rule is removed by selecting CHOOSE.

    If the ELEMENT system is your own code, can you please change the delete page result to remove the entire rule, rather than just the selector for which page?

    If that is not possible, can you change the default value for PAGE and NO PAGE SELECTED to be blank, rather than ALL PAGES?



  • Hi there,

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a filter to alter the exclude condition in GP element’s code.

    But I’ll mark this topic as a feature request, so our develop team can review this and maybe add it to future updates.

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