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Embeded video FOUC

  • Okay, it would be good if you try that first. Let us know how it goes.

  • I’ve removed that from aaronbrownsculpture but it doesn’t seem to have made a difference, it still loads fine.

  • I see. From this, we can confirm that the code wasn’t fixing the issue.

    It’s more of the loading time. Can you try deferring scripts through a different plugin like Async JavaScript or Flying scripts or something else as opposed to WP Rocket?

  • hey,
    I activated Async and choose to apply async and defer (jquery excluded)
    It doesn’t seem to have made any difference though

  • For testing purposes, if you try to change the YouTube Embed similar to your first website, does the issue occur?

  • Do you mean link to the same video?

  • Yes. Just to debug and see.

    Moreover, if you can also try adding it to a different Product for testing, that would be great.

  • ok,
    I embeded a video from the working site to the first two products on the 2nd site. It doesn’t seem to have made a difference.

  • For comparison, can you share the link to the other product on your second site that has a video?

  • Hi,
    This product has the same video as the two on the other site –


  • I see. It seems that your first site just caches the CSS related to the YouTube video and everything in the Product page.

    Can you re-check if your caching is the same for both? Perhaps you can setup CDN or server cache for your Single Product Page if it’s not setup yet.

  • Hi,

    I just upgraded 3 plugins on the first (good) site and now its showing the same problem as the 2nd.
    I upgraded woocommerce and wprocket. The 2nd site is fully upgraded.

    I’m not sure what that means!

    “Perhaps you can setup CDN or server cache for your Single Product Page if it’s not setup yet.”

    I’ll look into this,

  • This is a picture of the wprocket settings for the each product page cache

    Should I talk to Wprocket support and see what they think?
    Thank you

  • Yes, reaching out to WP Rocket support to see if they have an insight on how to fix this issue would be a good move.

    Try checking with them if they have a solution on how to prevent the FOUC for your WooCommerce gallery YouTube video.

  • Ok will do,
    Thank you for your time,

  • You’re welcome! Hope it goes well!

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