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Entire Screen Flickers – seems to be GP customizer settings

  • The entire screen flickers when navigating or even refreshing the current page. Please see the URL in the Private Information. I think if you refresh the home page you can see what I mean.

    The issue began during development using WP Local. Today I began rebuilding the site at Cloudways, rather than do a file/database import of the site.

    At Cloudways there was no flicker when I installed GeneratePress Premium and GenerateBlocks Pro into a fresh brand new setup of WP version 6.3.1.

    But when I imported into Cloudways the GeneratePress Pro customizer settings from the dev WP Local site the flicker returned. So I did “Reset your customizer settings.” at Cloudways but the flicker persists.

    I cleared the browser cache, deactivated all plugins one by one etc.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hi DonRi,

    I’m not seeing an issue when I refresh your Site and navigate to a different page from my end. I tested on different Browsers to be sure as well and couldn’t see any issues.

    Have you tried testing for the occurrence of the issue on a different browser and device?

  • Hi Fernando,

    Good evening. Thanks for your reply, very fast!

    I did not think to try on different browser and device. I am using Firefox Developer. However I just checked on Safari and Chrome and there is no flicker.

    Even better, I did the import of the Customizer settings from the Local WP site to the new Cloudways site and still no flicker on Safari and Chrome. And the settings carried over just fine.

    So, I guess there is a Firefox addon causing the flicker. I installed a couple of them to assist, things like an on-demand CSS viewer and on-screen measurement.

    Thanks for your help! This issue is resolved.

  • I tested on my end on Firefox as well and there is no issue from my end.

    You’re welcome, DonRi!

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