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Explore Theme Default and Custom Image Sizes

  • Hi, I’m using the ‘explore’ theme and have looked through your support posts. I’m a big fan of GP and GB, thank you for creating such clean code!

    I’ve looked through the CSS, but am not clear on the default and custom image sizes used in the theme for Home main, blog featured, and especially the thumbnails as they are generated inconsistently. The height is generated differently, so the overall look/feel is inconsistent.

    What would be helpful is to know the minimum size for a large image, and if it is width or height that is the baseline for consistent thumbnails in the featured, latest sections and blog archive?

    Thank you!

  • Hi there,

    thanks for the kind feedback, its much appreciated 🙂

    To cover the basics:
    the largest image size uploaded in the demo content is 1400 x 933.
    Those images having a native 3:2 Aspect ratio.

    However, there are 2 methods that the Explore theme uses to display the featured images.

    1. as an <img> as seen in the home page Latest Articles section.
    Here the true 3:2 ratio can be seen.

    2. as a background image to a container as seen in the home page Featured Articles section and the post archives.

    The latter method uses a Container Block with a Sizing > Minimum Height of 250px that has the featured image background… which means those don’t have a consistent apsect ratio as the height remains a constant even when the width gets resized.

    But none of this is set in stone as all parts of the site can be altered.

    Question – considering all featured images should have the same aspect ratio. What is the preferred image size you want to work with ? As its quite easy to amend the site to that.

  • Hi, Thanks!

    Yes, I saw the 1400×933 dimension but wasn’t sure if that was specific to the theme or had been sized that way for the sample images.

    I like the 3:2 ratio.

    But just realized the issue, I had generated a new blog page (Explore doesn’t include a blog page) and had inserted a pattern block for the news flow, so the images are sized differently in this page.

    The category pages, which use the query loop have consistent sizes. The Query Loop is really clever, love it! Captures the categories very nicely.

    So, I opened the news page and selected the block. I can select the image and it does have an option to set a width and height. If I set this to height 250, will it be similar in style to the ‘latest articles’?

    It doesn’t include a CSS cover option.

    Also, there is a reference to “Looking for other block settings? They’ve moved to the styles tab” – is this the customizer/appearance/custom css tab? or another tab?

    Thank you!

  • I’ll cover this first:

    “Looking for other block settings? They’ve moved to the styles tab”

    So that appears on any core WordPress block, that has some addition style options, the tab they refer to should be immediately above the block settings where you see that message.

    GenerateBlocks are more up front about its block settings and doesn’t hide em 🙂

    Next the Blog ( News ) page.

    If you want it to match the archives then:

    1. set the that page to show the latest posts in Settings > Reading.
    2. use the Block Element – Loop Template the archives are using.

    Elements are found in Appearance > Elements, and there are shortcut links to any present on a page in the Admin Bar > Elements menu.

    If you edit the one title: Archive Cards

    2.1 In the Element Display Rules > Locations add: Blog

    Now youre news page will display the same template.

    Is that a workable method for you ?

    Or let us know if you want to keep the blog/news as a static page.

  • Thank you! I’ve been coding a long time and tried many, many themes and templates and I’m having so much fun with your two gems – GP and GBs. You have no idea how nice it is when things actually work and the query builder is fab.

    I’ll give this a try and revert back…

  • Well that makes our day to hear that 🙂
    Let us know how you get on.

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