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Favicons not showing in tabs

  • Hi, I’ve recently set up 2 site’s using GP’s “explore” template, both have the same problem, the site icon is showing for me when I’m working on a page in WP, but when you look at the “front end” there is no icon showing. Links to sites in private. Thanks.

  • Hi there,

    If you have any cache plugin activated, be sure to purge the cache first. This is most likely a caching issue.

  • I’ve just purged the cache, it’s the same. On multiple devices.

  • Can you double-check that your favicon is set up properly at Customize > Site Identity? Since you’ve changed the site template, there could be a possibility that the favicon is also affected.

  • What do you mean by “I’ve changed the site’s template”. I wasn’t aware that I had on either. Where?

  • OK, I’ve double checked, it’s a jpg its 512 x 512, there’s really nothing there that anyone could do incorrectly. I’ve tried uploading an SVG file, but it won’t accept that file type. It’s now a .png, still not working.

  • Apologies for any confusion earlier. I initially thought you were using a different template and updating the site with the Explore template. If that’s not the case, please disregard my previous comment.

    Regarding the favicon, it appears correctly in the Firefox browser. The issue might be related to how the browser renders the favicon. Here’s a screenshot for reference:

    Another thing you can try is regenerating your favicon using this tool:

    Once you’ve done that, replace the existing favicon with the regenerated one on your site.

  • Wordpress doesn’t allow the upload of favicon.ico files. I’m using Bing.

  • I’ve fixed it in Bing and Google by adding this as a hook <link rel=”icon” type=”image/png” href=”worldtravelfamily-icon.png” />
    Any reason not to do it that way?
    It’s still not working in Opera.

  • It worked – then it didn’t and it didn’t work at all on the 2nd site.

  • Here’s the last way I could think of to solve this: upload the regenerated icon from to the root directory of your website via FTP or file manager. This will apply the favicon to your entire site automatically. As long as it’s named favicon.ico, it should work.

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