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Featured Image Issue when sharing link on Social Media

  • When my blog post URL is shared on Social Media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn,
    only home page featured Image is displayed.
    Any way to fix this issue?
    I am using All-In-One SEO plugin free version.

  • Hi there,

    the Theme has no control over that, the All in One SEO plugin would be responsible for the OpenGraph and over social meta tags. Can you check with AIOSeo developer to make sure its setup correctly ?

  • Understood

  • You’re welcome

  • I have the same problem. When switching to Twenty Twenty-Three theme, the image comes correct. Going back to Generate press, I am getting the logo image instead of the featured image. Facebook Sharing debugger not helping. Debugger grabbing the logo image for all posts. My site I am using Yoast.

  • Hi Petryb,

    As mentioned by David, there’s no code in GP that would have control over that.

    Switching theme likely resets your site cache.

    Have you tried clearing all plugin/server/CDN or any other form of caching?

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